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Now Djakarta Chord not only present about Guitar Chords, now we want to explain about Alexa Traffic Rank. In general, Alexa Traffic Rank is a ranking blog . The explanation is, the moretraffic, the better Alexa Rank blog . To better understand what it is Alexa, I will tell you the more details.

Alexa Rank  or  Alexa Ranking  is a system created by  to state rankings / ranks a site based on site traffic. The better trafficnya, the higher the rating the site. Alexa Rank has a value of 1 onwards even up to millions. In essence, the smaller the value Alexa Rank , then the better. Firstly we mean  Alexa Rank  is the highest one, the greater the value the more down ranks. 
To Incresing based on  data traffic  with the number of page views and  visitors , to change the data, after I die also do not take a long time, the evidence Alexa Rank on my blog, in approximately 4jam, has changed again.first I thought, the less the Alexa rank, it's getting ugly, Ehhh I was wrong. Initially I did not understand the position of my own blog Alexa Rank. hehehe ... tap okay, is below 400,000.
Now we discuss the benefits and utility of the Alexa Rank According to what I know most of the  advertisers  and  ad networks , such as  ReviewMe ,  Text Link Ads  and  Sponsored Reviews , measuring the price of a link from your website / blog by  Alexa Traffic Rank . Wew ... I also wonder why. So if we are good Alexa Rank means not rule out our blog can be hunted by the parties as I mentioned above. And certainly this is very beneficial for the bloggers who blog as a means of looking for  the dollar , or create a blogger who likes to do business on the internet. Well ... is that interest for you ? maybe because it i, I tried to raise the position of the Alexa Rank of this blog. I think enough of me in so first discuss about  Alexa Rank , and I will also discuss how  to increase the Alexa Rank , of course, just wait for my next post. Hopefully useful. 

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