The Cranberries - Zombie Guitar Chords

Hey all guest, this is the Popular Guitar Chords from Djakarta Chord, the title is Zombie by The Cranberries. This song is very cool and enjoy this song..

-GMaj:320000 or 055430(I use the first one,but the other one sounds good  too)

For electric guitar you must use the respective power chords.


1st VERSE:

Em        C   
"Another head hangs lowly
 G             F#m
 Child is slowly taken
Em           C
 And the violence caused such silence
 G           F#m
 Who are we mistaken
 but you see, it's not me
 it's not my family
 in your head, in your head
 they are fighting
 With their tanks, and their bombs, 
 and their bombs, and their guns
         G                        F#m
 In your head, in your head they are cryin'


         Em            C
"In your head, In your head
    G     F#m
 Zombie, etc.
                Em                         C
 What's in your head in your head, in your head
    G      F#m
 Zombie, etc."
That's the Guitar Chords of The Cranberries - Zombie , What do you think about that??? please leav a comment...

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Nice song..thanx fr sharing..

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you're welcome...
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