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In the following tutorial I will discuss how to create a contact us form. There are several service providers manufacturer's website contact us form, and I will discuss two websites that have been widely known by users blog from Namely from and In this section I will discuss the creation of contact us form. Compared to the contact us form manufacture of easier and simpler. Well go see the tutorial to make this widget.

  1. Http:// type of browser, until the display appears as follows:
  2. Fill in your profile data such as: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, User Name, Password, Confirm Password.
  3. Then click the Submit button, wait until the confirmation display like this.
  4. There are an email notification to enable our members, how to click the link in the email until there is notification that your account has been activated.
  5. Login to the site, see the HTML widget and then copy / paste the html code into your website / blog.
  6. Create Form Contact Us
  7. The results are as below:
  8. The message typed by visitors from the contact form will be sent to the email (which is used during registration).
  9. Done.

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