Oasis Band

oasis band
Oasis is a rock group that formed in Manchester in 1991. At the beginning of this musical group called The Rain and formed by Liam Gallagher on vocals and tambourine, Paul Arthurs on guitar, Paul McGuigan on bass guitar, and Tony McCarroll on drums and percussion, later joined also the eldest brother of Liam, Noel Gallagheryang occupy the position of the guitar and vocals. According to the Belfast Telegraph to the period of June 2009, Oasishas sold 90 million records worldwide.They also had eight singles which had perched on the first UK chart position and collected 15 NME Awards, 5 BRIT Awards, 9 Q Awards, and 9 MTV Europe Music Awards. And in February 2007, Oasis received the award from the BRIT Awards for their outstanding contribution to the world of music. 
oasis band
They get attention when appearing at the Manchester club circuit. then they joined with Creative Indie record label and released their first album Definitely Maybe in 1994, in the next year they released their latest album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? with their new drummer Alan White and started the rivalry with the band Blur. Noel and Liam who is the most popular icons of this group appear frequently graced the pages of magazines, tabloids and weekly newspapers in the UK because of their lifestyle, wild and controversial. Oasis then released their third album Be Here Now in 1997, which became the fastest selling album in UK history chat, but they lose the appeal. Then in 2000 they released their album Standing on the Shoulder of Giant and in 2002 the album Heathen Chemistry in this period they lost two of its core members Paul McGuiggan and Paul Arthurs who decided to leave the band. Oasis gets back to their popularity through the album Do not belive the Truth and the various promotional tour that they have done. Oasis released their latest album Dig Out ​​Your Soul in 2009 with the composition of the Gallagher brothers, Gem Archer on guitar, Andy Bell on bass, and Chris Shamrock as a temporary drummer. 
oasis band

In August 2009 Noel out because of a fight with Liam, Liam damage in this fight one of Noel's guitar. Liam then announced that Oasis will still release a new album and in December 2009 became the name of his band Oasis2.0.

Top Ten Countdown Oasis Hits 

10. "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" (from 'Heathen Chemistry')

9. "Cigarettes & Alcohol" (from 'Definitely Maybe')

8. "Go Let It Out" (from 'Standing on the Shoulder of Giants')

7. "D'You Know What I Mean?" (from 'Be Here Now')

6. "Champagne Supernova" (from '[What's the Story] Morning Glory?')

5. "Slide Away" (from 'Definitely Maybe')

4. "Acquiesce" (from 'The Masterplan')

3. "Wonderwall" (from '[What's the Story] Morning Glory?')

2. "Live Forever" (from 'Definitely Maybe')

1. "Don't Look Back in Anger" (from '[What's the Story] Morning Glory?')

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